Best Tasting Pizza
a Degustazione
in Italy 2022
Our “Duck Breast” pizza was awarded Best Tasting Pizza in Italy 2022 by Gambero Rosso.

The Pizza

An “alla romana” base, encrusted on the outside and soft inside, a turnip tip cooked en papillote that serves as a bed for the recipe’s hero: duck breast. Cooked at a low temperature, it is enhanced by a stuffing of purple carrots and a whisky dressing aromatised by herbs and spices.

Our Philosophy
contained in a pizza
The Duck Breast pizza originated from collaboration between Tommaso Mazzei, Lo Spela’s chef, and Niccolò Ferrazzani, a high cuisine chef based in Singapore. This contains all the values of our philosophy: sharing, research, and experimentation.

What others have said

What others have said

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